Rates and Services

We are happy to take care of all dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish and even farm animals!

$20.00 for a 30 minute visit for 1-2 pets

Additional charges for 3 or more pets may be included depending on pet needs. **

We are happy to walk your dogs, play, and take care of any needs. However, we work on 30 minute visits, so if your animals are used to long walks, additional charges will be included. (Your pets’ safety and comfort is our priority. Therefore, walks are at our discretion. If we feel the pavement would be too hot for our feet, we believe it is too hot for our furry friends. Other weather conditions may also prevent walks (rare in AZ. )

We offer a free, no obligation, in-home meeting with you and your “kids”.  This way we can meet your pets, go over their routine and schedule, and answer all your questions. 

During our time with your pet(s) we will feed them, clean and fill water bowls, give treats if they are allowed to have them and dispense standard oral medication!  We will also play catch with them with their favorite toy, pet and cuddle with them and offer lots of Wuvz! 

If you just need to have someone to stop in, check on your home, take in mail, flyers or newspapers, etc., we would love to help you too!  We will water your plants, turn lights on and off, open and close curtains/blinds to make your home look lived in.  We can also take care of your trash cans on trash day! Please call for a quote.

We serve Gilbert and other East Valley areas. Please contact us with your location – we do make special trips outside our service area when our schedules allow!

**Contact us for a custom quote for additional pets and/or services



We reserve the right to change rates without notice


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